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Home Article Library August 2010 AUGUST 2010 - Month for Latin America

Inelia Benz

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Call to action

This month the energy otherwise known as the Divine, has asked to concentrate our healing/loving/integrating energy onto Latin America.


This can be done with any modality we already use.  We can also tap in and ask the Divine how we can be of service during this month of August to bring back into balance the continents of South and Central America.

There are energy lines of dysfunctional duality (creating separation, otherness, conflict and suffering) mainly from Spain, Germany and Portugal, which go directly into Latin America.

This is not about "destroying" or "eliminating" these lines. It is about integrating, at a personal level, what these lines mean.

We can do this work by our self, either sending modalities of healing and integration to these European countries and/or the Americas, the lines themselves or by processing what this information and the form that the oppression has  taken in the Americas, within our own body.  Bring up the emotion, and process the emotion.

If you have a network of friends, then perhaps organizing an hour a week of joint meditation, or simply asking people to spend a few minutes a day to focus their attention on South and Central America will be extremely effective.

Our support of this work is key to its success.



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