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Startseite Article Library May 2010 The Fear of Ascension

Inelia Benz

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The fear of ascension has many layers.

To begin with, a person doesn't know what ascension is all about, they might think it is just about 2012, and this bring in a whole load of fear.

Then there is the fear of the person who has been working on their personal growth for years and then they are confronted with the choice of Ascension into Oneness.  A huge fear then can be the feeling that they will stop being themselves. That they will cease to be an individual.  That they will loose passion, feelings, emotions, importance, self.


These fears take a while to play out.  Sometimes the person might undertake their ascension process, and will come to a grinding halt due to them.

And it doesn't stop there.

Even after the person has cleansed and integrated the ego, experienced Oneness, has learned how to channel Universal Love Light Oneness into our reality, he or she might one day stop and think, what if this energy is not a positive thing for the Earth?  What if I am being used by other beings for their benefit and not the benefit of Earth and all her creatures?

This fear is paralyzing.  The person then starts to analyze the energy as it flows in, and of course realize that it is in fact "neutral".  That it is "uncomfortable" to the physical body.  That it is not something he or she can "use" for anything, such as manifestation, healing, or anything like that except switching on the capacity of others to channel this energy.  Initiating others to "Oneness" and the channeling of this extremely powerful energy.  In a way "contaminating" them with Oneness.

And what for?

What's in it for us?

Can we really be sure that it is for the benefit of Earth and all her creatures?

And we go full circle.  Because these fears are those of the human collective ego.   The human collective has the same bodies as we do individually. A physical body, made up of billions of human being bodies, an energy body, chakras and aura, a mental body, the collective consciousness and subconscious, and a collective ego. The survival of the species is its main objective.

The only way to overcome this last fear, if we choose to do so, is to ask ourselves:

How is my life better now compared to before my personal Ascension?

Is life on Earth more precious than life in other realms or dimensions?

When we look into these questions, we realize that we would never go back to a lower vibrational existence.   We also realize that in Oneness, all creatures are integrated, all creatures are ONE being. That it doesn't matter if the "I" in another realm or dimension is taking advantage of the "I" here on Earth, as there is benefit, all ONENESS benefits through the experience.

As we move on the Earth in this state of Flow of Oneness Energy, we notice that others lives are changed. That they too go through their "programmed" ascension just through us being near them.  Whatever form their ascension path takes, is one real to them. So it is deeply meaningful to them.  Some have to reach the ashes before they can rise as the phoenix,  others will see Jesus in our presence, others will feel enormous compassion and love flowing to them from us.  Others will be overwhelmed with the presence of Mother.

It is not us. It is what they recognize as their personal contact with the Divine.  And all we are is a neutral "catalyst."  In chemistry a catalyst is an element, or substance, that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. The catalyst stays intact, neutral, but the chemicals around it react and move into another form much faster than they would do without the catalyst. Sometimes no change or reaction will happen without the catalyst.

Is what we are doing negative or positive?  Neither really, and both.  There are no polarities in Oneness.  Only integration.

Yet, just like the fear of the individual ego was unfounded, after all we are still here after experiencing and integrating Oneness in our daily existence, we still have a physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual or energy body and ego body.  So will Earth and all her creatures still be here after our collective ascension, which is what this energy channeling is all about.  Yes. We are but cells in a body, pawns in a game, and that body is Humanity, and that game is Ascension.

Here is a good fear processing exercise.

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about

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