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Startseite Article Library May 2010 Feeling Sick After Eating - More Ascension Symptoms?

Inelia Benz

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After we make an ascension jump, this means moving our core self to a higher, or finer, vibration, all of our bodies move too, including our physical body.  When this happens, toxins which the physical body was able to digest without much bother, are now too thick for the physical body to process and we get nauseated, get headaches and basically feel bad.

The most prominent of these toxins are battery grown animals products, including meats, as well as refined sugar, alcohol, onions and garlic.

At times it may seem that everything we eat and drink makes us unwell.

This is simply a time of adjustment.  The physical aspects of the being are getting used to the new vibrations.  What you can do is simply energize and cleanse food items and drinks, including water, before consumption.

Another ascension symptom you can deal with easily is the feeling of being spaced out, or dizzy, after you have done ascension work, or ascension meditations.  This is your Spiritual, or Energy, body feeling the adjustment of new vibrations and increased finer energy coming in.  The best thing you can do for this symptom is increase your consumption of protein and water, as well as taking potassium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc supplements.  This is because the energy body, on a physical level, works like a battery and these items help replenish that battery so that it can process the new levels of vibration.

Check with your doctor, chemist or nutritionist before making dietary changes, including the taking of supplements and vitamins.

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