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Startseite Article Library April 2010 Shifting Dimensions

Inelia Benz

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There's a lot of talk about the Earth and humanity going to the 4th Dimension, or skipping the 4th Dimension and going straight to the 5th Dimension, or about beings from the 9th Dimension channeling information for us to use on our shift to another, higher, dimension.  So what does this mean exactly?


What it doesn't mean is that we are going to move planets.  Nor does it mean that Earth will become all "good" and that all the "bad" people will suddenly disappear.  Nor will creatures come from the heavens to lift us, chosen ones, up and save our lives from sudden death as apocalypse happens.

You see, we are already IN all those dimensions.  We never left them. We are simply unable to become consciously aware of the different dimensions, and use them, in our daily life.  It is like trying to become aware of living in a city when we are one year old and knowing what shops and services are there for our use and comfort.  It really is not possible.  At least, I personally don't know of any infant in history who was aware enough to know he or she lived in a city.  Most don't realize they "live" in a "house".

The Ascension Process is simply a growth of awareness, as well as the capacity to function from that growth, making us more able to do things, create our reality as we see fit and live from that state of ecstasy which comes to us when we are able to allow that connection in a conscious way.

When a person experiences the 5th Dimension, he or she experiences the state of Connection with Earth and Humanity. The state of Wholeness and feeling of being, experiencing and radiating complete and utter Love.  When a person experiences all dimensions, they experience the state of Oneness.

But as we do our ascension process, these experiences of the 5th Dimension, and Oneness, are fleeting and temporary.  Mostly, they come during states of meditation and quieting of the mind, and are so intense that we are not able to function on a daily basis while in that state. For example, we are not able to drive a car, or have a conversation with someone else.  The good news is, the more we practice our ascension process, the longer these periods of ecstasy become, and the more often they come, until we are able to feel it as a constant vibration in our being.  It becomes the underlying feeling, being, sentiment, vibe, of our self, our body, and our daily existence.  And at the same time, the intensity is such that we CAN function in every day life.  Not only that, we can function much better at daily life as we are unburdened of so much suffering, negativity, fear and confusion.


Will we still feel pain, loss or war?  Yes.  This is because, like it or not, we exist in a 3D reality too, and are not moving out of it.  The 3D reality is rich with experience as well as a large shared game of opposites.   Plus, the more people who exist here on the 3D reality and also consciously exist here in the 5th, or higher dimension, the faster and easier it is for everyone else to make that jump of awareness.  The more we tap into the larger awareness, and the more of us that tap into that awareness, the easier it is for us to manifest an existence which is far beyond happy and to our individual taste.   Don't worry, there are plenty of people who want to play at pain and war and they can play among each other.  Leaving the people, who don't want to play that game, in peace.  That's the difference between existing only in 3D and existing in a broader awareness.  You get to choose what games to play.

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