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Startseite Article Library March 2010 Setting Goals and Ascension

Inelia Benz

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The setting of goals while working on our spiritual ascension is very important.  The whole thing about the art of manifestation, including the manifestation of our own ascension, is knowing where we are going. Or having a pretty good idea.  And... knowing where we are going is usually the hardest thing to find out.

I am often asked where a person should be going, what they should be doing, what their life journey is, what they should be dedicating their lives to. This question has come up in just about every coaching or reading situation I have ever done.  And the answer is, nor your guides, nor me nor anyone one else can tell you that. No one.  This is something you have to find out for yourself, and decide by yourself. To do otherwise would be a violation of free will.

Quantum reality is accepted by top scientists today. Why do I mention it in an entry about goals? Because what you will be doing 12 months from now could be many things, an infinite amount of things.  There are some things that are more probable than others in this particular lifestream, but, according to quantum physics, they are all possible.  Your probable future depends mostly on your present life patterns, your mindset, your skills and your decisions.  In order to choose a future where you will be fulfilled, satisfied, happy and successful in every way, you need to have clear goals where to focus your attention.

One way to find out what your goals should be is to have a simple daydream, and do it often. In this daydream, you imagine yourself in 12 months time.  This self of yours IS the most successful, most fulfilled, satisfied and happy you that resulted from this lifestream.  When you see that self, simply ask him or her for information and clues on what you did to get there.  What ascension work did you do? What do you do for a living? What is your life journey? Write the information down. Then step into their body and feel the love, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment and success that he or she is feeling.  Remember that feeling. Remember that vibration. Then move back to the present time, bringing back that vibrational signature with you.

Do this exercise often enough and you will soon start seeing results in daily life.  Your mind will become more focused and your life will begin to reflect your decisions.

[Note: this powerful exercise came from the Ascension 101 Course.]

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about

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