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Inelia Benz

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An Ascension Worker is a person who helps others through their ascension to Oneness.  Oneness being the state of experiencing life as one Universal being, one entity, something that has been described as Nirvana, Ecstasy, Life Force, and many other names.


This ascension work can happen in stages and it doesn't necessarily go straight to Oneness. For example, a person might want to go from a vibrational signature of depression, to one of contentment. Or from Awakening to Enlightenment, or Enlightenment to Oneness.  Enlightenment as being "in-the-light", and Oneness as "being-the-light".

There has never been in the history of humanity so many Ascension Workers and religious and spiritual leaders as there are today.  A short google search on "spiritual ascension" will pop up millions of websites from dedicated workers who are here to raise the level of vibration of other individuals.

The difference between an Ascension Worker and religious leader, or spiritual leader, is that the first has no alignment to any religion and can work with the person within their own belief system, not invalidating what the person's spiritual truths are. The second and third, however, will normally expect the person to abandon their religious or spiritual beliefs and align with that of the religious or spiritual leader which are normally very specific.  However, the Ascension Worker and the religious or spiritual worker are in the same line of work.

Whether you decide to be a religious or spiritual leader or an Ascension Worker really comes down to your detachment to yours and others spiritual beliefs and whether you are able to lead the person to their next vibrational level in a non-detached manner.

So, for example, on one session* you will be guiding a person through to Oneness and Jesus will appear in front of you, while in a second session the same day, another person's journey will take you both to another planet where beings are so different, you will have no words to describe them.  Of course this all happens energetically, and identified in your minds eye.  If you were to judge either, the session would end immediately, and you could cause the client lots of damage.  The reason is that both journeys are real and true and as valid as each other and as valid as your own.

The Ascension Worker will often be identified by the client as "the same as me".  This is because, having lost all attachment and judgment, divine light, Oneness, can come through the Ascension Worker, making them a mirror of the client.  The client is actually seeing themselves.  The universal love, warmth, energy and completeness that the client feels, is their true vibrational signature.  It is Oneness.

Ascension Workers live in normal modern circumstances. They have families and if they don't do this work full-time, they will have daily jobs, mortgages, pets, joys and pains, which of course they use in their Ascension Work. And because we lead normal lives, if we don't take care by meditating daily, quietening the mind, staying heart centered and allowing Flow, we can fall flat on our faces just like the next person.

The Ascension Worker can only lead another person to the highest level of Ascension he or she has reached themselves, which is why he or she never stops striving for a higher vibrational level.  You never know, maybe one of us here on Earth will be able to go beyond Oneness!

When we stay in a state of Oneness, or visit it on a daily basis, miracles
happen.  Things start going right for no apparent reason. Our wishes come
true and life stabilizes.  We really do not need to do much more than follow
our inspiration and joy, and life works itself out for us.

* Personal Ascension Session: A session where the Ascension Worker creates a channeled "bubble" of Oneness. It can only be described as an extremely high vibrational energy that feels  like pure, unconditional love, ecstasy, nirvana and where the person is safe and free to experience life as Oneness, tap into the Universal Wisdom, travel (like shamanic journeys) and see, feel their guides in their minds eyes. Pretty much what gurus in India have been able to do for hundreds of years, minus their strict religious beliefs. If the person is psychic, they will be able to expand their vision tremendously.  The person can then tune into that vibration, or as close as they choose to go.  There is a distinct feeling of "loosing" oneself, which can scare the ego into stopping the session.  Everyone who has a session will then go through tremendous changes in their daily lives as their life aligns with their primal soul journey here on Earth.  If they are already in their soul journey, the changes won't be so severe.

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