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Tools Ascension Tools Fear Processing Exercise


This exercise is the one I use personally in my own ascension work, as well being what I consider to be a key exercise.  It is very effective and the most essential, and constant, step to take for a fast ascension journey.  It is by all purposes, the foundation of ascension as well as a key component in the manifestation of our dreams into this 3D world.

It also alleviates stress and anxiety.

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Full text below for you to record:


Fear Processing Exercise, by Inelia Benz for ascension101.com

You can do this exercise at any time, whenever you feel fear.

For best results, it is best to do it in a quiet and private space and working through a list of fears you have written beforehand.

Sit or lie down comfortably with your back straight and close your eyes.

Breathe in deeply and slowly into your abdomen, then breathe out as fast as you can.
Repeat, breathe in slowly, then out as fast as you can.
And once more, breathe in slowly and slowly, then out fast.
Now continue breathing at your own pace.

Scan you physical body from head to toe, to find the energy of fear.  

Look for fear.  If you cannot find it, read one of your fear items in your list and scan your body again.

Once you find fear in your body, simply look at it.
Don’t analyze it, just look at it.
Allow it to be there.
Allow it to exist.
Allow it to grow and to be.

It could be a physical discomfort, such as a knot, a pain, a location of energy, or through a thought or memory, or it could be just the emotion of fear.

Just look at it.

Observe it.

Feel it.

Allow it to be here.

And say, “fear, you are welcome here.”

Welcome here.

Welcome fear and allow it to grow.

Let it get bigger and bigger.

Allow it to grow, and grow... as big as it can go

Let it be as big as it can possibly get.

Allow it to express itself to you.

But don’t analyze.

Simply allow whatever comes.

Whether words,



Follow it if it changes into another emotion,
or changes locations in your body.

Whatever it does, welcome the new expression.  “you are welcome here, thought... you are welcome here emotion, words, memories, you are welcome here fear.”

You are welcome here.

Watch it. Observe it.

Now, allow yourself to get closer and embrace fear in whatever expression it has chosen.

give it light and love, and allow it to exist.

Thank it for whatever job it had for you, for being with you for so long.

Now, release it into Oneness.  Allow it to go free back into Source.

Breathe deeply now.
As you breathe in, breathe in light and love.  And as you breathe out, allow that light and love to go to and fill the space where fear used to be.  

Now, simply breathe deeply and slowly.
Breathing in light and love, and as you breathe out, allow that light and love to expand throughout your body and out into your environment.

Now, scan your body from your toes to your head and see if there is any of that fear left.  If so, repeat the exercise straight away. If not, you can use your list to repeat the exercise, or end now by opening your eyes and having a good stretch.

Repeat this exercise every day until there is no more fear in your life.


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0 #80 Chris c 2016-12-13 12:36
Hi Inelia,

Loving your site. It is great to read and learn about what Im going through. To find connection that many too feel these things. My jounrney started whenI got very sick. In healing I've felt amazing and worse than before I started. Little did I know I was ascending. But I fear the change, i fear it because I feel disconnected from my former self, some friends, interests passions etc. Sometimes when I look in the mirror look at my bedroom it doesn't feel right. Something is off. I am more sucessful recently than ever before but I think my fear of fear prevents me from being grounded. Would lvoe some input or advice on how to ground myself in my earth body and be the best chris I can be on earth without fear and stress of this new unknown feeling of oneness!
0 #79 Carmen Elena 2016-03-03 13:40
Thank you !!!
+3 #78 Chelaru Adrian 2016-01-26 03:47
Thank you Inelia , I love you and I`m really happy for being here on this timeline with us. :*
+2 #77 Melanie Swan 2015-08-21 02:45
Beautiful Inelia. thanks for the exercise and reminder :) xxx
+7 #76 Shirley Eichner 2015-08-20 12:30
Dear One I used your fear exorsize faithfully and love it. One night when sound asleep a horrid pain came in my foot for no reason, and I was too sleepy to remember how to do the Fear exorsize, so I just said " I love you goodbye" The pain left instantly. I works everytime now.
The original came from you, so I greatfully share. Lovingly Shirley
+1 #75 Patricia8831 2014-11-22 21:28
Quoting shauna hattach:
I'm having some slight problems. I was attempting to release my fear of arachnids and got stuck after allowing it to go as big as it wanted to but it refused to release.... I started over again and again with no luck. Finally I went to bed. The next day there was a spider in my work space, my daughter's lice and mine came back with a vengence, there was a roach running around our apartment when I got home. The next day I got stabbed in the thigh by a baby scorpion - I didn't even know those lived here! My car was the only car covered in yellow spiders no matter where I went or parked for the next week & no other cars had this problem. I've tried the excercise more times, but nothing. The spiders went away by the second week - the lice 2 months later. What am I doing wrong?

Congratulations Shauna! You were being given multiple opportunities to face your fear and move through it. I'd say you did everything right :-)Pat
+4 #74 Inelia Benz 2013-05-20 01:51
Quoting Sigifredo:
Soy Chileno, me interesa mucho estos temas, pero por favor que sean en Español. Mi ingles no es muy bueno.
Muchas gracias.

Haz clic en la bandera espaniola ;)
-3 #73 Sigifredo 2013-04-17 16:44
Soy Chileno, me interesa mucho estos temas, pero por favor que sean en Español. Mi ingles no es muy bueno.
Muchas gracias.
+3 #72 Inelia Benz 2013-04-16 12:31
Quoting tracie:
When I first came across your work Inelia I was so excited I read and listened to everything i could get my hands upon, also telling anyone about such a great resource. I have the ascension course and also met you at the esceti ranch this year. For about 8 weeks I'd meditate and do the fear processing exercise fairly diligently but for the past couple of months have felt in a most depressed, type of immobilised/paralysed state . Each time I try to process I feel a 'tumbling' disorientating feeling that doesn't end and also a disconnection from myself - vagueness/coming and going-type distraction and separation from myself - I can't stay with how I'm feeling. I do the firewall exercise, tried to change the time of day I'd do the exercise and to approach it in a lighthearted way but nothing has worked. Nothing has worked. Talk about barriers. Feeling overwhelmed, cut-off and despairing. I can't bear to meditate or do the exercise. Any words/help would be deeply appreciated.

Hi Tracie, my suggestion would be to spend some time in meditation every day. Infuse yourself in your essence of joy/light/love. Use the Gaia mediation in the tools menu also, that one is great :)


+13 #71 Ken 2013-03-15 01:55
Fear is of the mind and not "real". When fully allowed and embraced it simply dissolves into Presence, I AM, and is seen for what it is - an illusion. If you are stuck it means that you haven't really allowed yourself to be present with it. Try dropping the story, the labels and even the visuals as they are still layers of mind. Instead just notice with a curiosity the SENSATIONS in your body. Be present with "what is". Presence subsumes and supercedes all mind projections. Trust it. Focus on the SELF having the experience rather than giving power and Presence to the fear or object of fear. Come home to Self. Now.

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