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Get the Ascension eCourse

Spiritual Ascension 101 Course

Your Spiritual Ascension 101 Course is a simple, yet extremely powerful, audio MP3 Downloadable course which aims to clear "negative" energies which are lodged in your physical, emotional, mental, ego and spiritual bodies.  Negative energies make the bodies "heavy", thus keeping them in a dense awareness field. By processing and integrating these "negative" energies, the bodies become "lighter" and can then ascend to a finer awareness field or vibration.

A higher vibrational level will increase your skills, abilities and passions.  It increases awareness, psychic abilities, level of happiness and quality of life.

Your course includes the meditations and exercises, which Inelia used in her own life.

US $99


The course is composed of 19 UNITS, and a PDF Transcript, which will help you raise your vibrational signature on a permanent basis. Plus a Bonus Unit which will help you deal with Sickness during Ascension.

1. Unit One - An Introduction - Listen to the Introduction NOW. Spiritual Ascension Course Sample
2. Unit Two - Setting of Goals
3. Unit Three - Main Goals Exercise
4. Unit Four - Specific Goals Exercise
5. Unit Five - Detoxifying the Physical Body
6. Unit Six - Reconnecting with the Physical Body
7. Unit Seven - Physical Body Reconnection Exercise
8. Unit Eight - Healing the Ego
9. Unit Nine - Identifying and Embracing the Ego
10. Unit Ten - The Mental Body
11. Unit Eleven - Identifying the Mind
12. Unit Twelve - Silencing the Mind Through Breath Meditation
13. Unit Thirteen - The Emotional Body
14. Unit Fourteen - Healing the Emotional Body
15. Unit Fifteen - The Spiritual Body
16. Unit Sixteen - Identifying and Reconnecting with the Spiritual Body
17. Unit Seventeen - Aligning Our Bodies
18. Unit Eighteen - Expansion Of Awareness
19. Unit Nineteen - Expansion Of Awareness into Oneness
20. Bonus Unit
Dealing with Sickness during Ascension Work

Extra: PDF Transcript of the entire course

You do the course at your own pace, the units are easy to understand, the exercises and meditations are simple and extremely powerful.


This is not the only ascension course on the internet, and it doesn't pretend to be more effective than other courses, although we believe it is or we would not have it here, but we can say for certain that it is unique, extremely powerful and effective, and if you like the content of the ascension101.com website, you will LOVE this course! And because you do the course at your own pace, it is also gentle and easy to do.

(c) Inelia Benz

Terms of Use: By purchasing, otherwise acquiring, and using the course material, you agree that you do this course out of your own choice and at your own risk and take full responsibility for your actions and results whether judged by you, or others, to be positive or negative. If you don't like these terms, don't buy or use this course as neither the author of the course, nor the employees involved in the development and publishing of this course, or this website, are going to compensate you for losses or charge you for gains which you, or others, deem to be as a result of this course.

US $99

Note: Do you want to chat with Inelia? Go to walkwithmenow.com/about


0 #133 Mariya 2014-04-19 08:55
I started the course a few days ago... I can't stop listening to the units one after another... I feel hungry for this information and I think after the first listening to the course, I will start it again, but doing it more precisely. It happened in a very tough period in my life, right now and it is a big support. Actually I am spiritually blind and I feel mentally ill, I am looking for any kind of help and support(althoug h I should find it inside for it to be real - I know), because I have a strong feeling in my chest, that tells me I am bad, egoistic and everything high and bright and good is forbidden for me. And my life proofs this. wow..
Thank you for this Couse.. I felt relieved for a moment during the units, it felt like it was not me. :) Like all these problems are not existing, for a moment I just forgot even what was the issue :) ... well..It came back, but I am also continuing. :) Thank you again!
0 #132 Inelia Benz 2013-08-09 17:41
Quoting Bouvard:
I am very glad with the cours... it is fantastic, but I should want to know how many times and days we have to do the execices, who can answer me ??? thank you

Hi, I do the course on a regular basis, like a top up, every few months. But to respond as to how many times to do each unit, I suggest at least 3, you will "know" when it's done.
0 #131 Bouvard 2013-05-29 09:01
I am very glad with the cours... it is fantastic, but I should want to know how many times and days we have to do the execices, who can answer me ??? thank you
+1 #130 Stephen Hopson 2012-12-30 18:50
I am deaf in this physical body and would be unable to hear your MP3.

What to do?

+1 #129 Inelia Benz 2012-07-13 16:11
Quoting Daniel:
Hola mucha gente esta hablando de activar el Merkaba ,dicen que si no sabes como activarlo no puede ascender ,es esto cierto?.

0 #128 t ronchetti 2012-07-13 15:40
Hi again. I'm sorry for an unnecessary previous post: I have found the pdf file I was hoping for - wonderful, wonderful! I'm so glad to have the material in this form. Thanks again. love tracie
0 #127 t ronchetti 2012-07-13 13:54
Hi there,
We have bought the Ascension 101 course and now use it in mp3 form. How can I access the PDF version as well? Thank you so much for all the great information and tools. My life is radically changing.
+1 #126 Daniel 2012-07-05 17:31
Hola mucha gente esta hablando de activar el Merkaba ,dicen que si no sabes como activarlo no puede ascender ,es esto cierto?.
0 #125 ricardo 2012-07-03 10:34
inelia el curso en español ya esta disponible? es urgente lo tengas ya gracias
+1 #124 Bea 2012-05-30 14:45
This course has truly helped me deal with certain aspects of myself that were difficult to confront. Certain beliefs, memories, and emotions that weighed down on me are becoming lighter and I'm feeling so much happier as a result. I have learned to process and let go.

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